Ordering Info

To commission a portrait you need to provide a good photo (print or digital) that is *well lit* and *in focus* so it shows the details of the face, especially the eyes. If you’re not the photographer I need to know who is to obtain copyright permission. Just one good photo is all that’s usually needed for a single subject in one pose. Two or more subjects or a montage style will require multiple photos (and there are additional charges for the extra subjects or montage elements).

Next you’ll need to specify your choice for size and which medium, such as “11×14 pen-and-ink”, or “16×20 oil”. Also what style, such as a headstudy, full figure, or montage, etc. If you’re not sure of your choices I can help with suggestions after receiving the photos. My price lists have common sizes, but I’m happy to figure out the charge for other dimensions — it may be that a square, or a longer rectangle, will work best with your photos. Here are a few different styles ranging from simple headstudy to montage for examples:


Usually I have a few portraits in progress, and as I get close to finishing that group will start on new commissions. I sometimes share work-in-progress pics on my blog here, on my Facebook page and on Instagram. Any questions please email fetchersketcher@yahoo.com

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