When it rains it pours… :-(


My dogs’ unusual streak of unfortunate vet issues continues, 17 months and counting. Includes one of my old girls who recently had a second eye lens surgery plus is having kidney, pancreas and a couple other problems. And the other old girl has inoperable abdominal masses (or maybe they would be operable but I don’t have deep enough pockets for the expensive diagnostics to find out how many several thousands more surgery would be if doable… I try to console myself that even if I had that kind of money it’s not right to put a 15 1/2 year old dog through it). And one of my young ones who had diagnostics for a bladder mass and prostate issues, cautiously optimistic it isn’t cancer, recheck coming up. And another dog who had a bout of inflammatory bowel and a cancerous salivary gland removed, but he’s been doing well lately.

Anyway, though I haven’t posted for awhile with all my dog drama going on, I have been drawing and painting. Shipped off 2 paintings and 3 drawings, and am finishing up the 3 paintings in the photo. I have the next group of dog and horse portraits underway or on the drawing board…

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