Oil painting is my second favorite portrait medium, a close second behind Pen-and-Ink. I work on oils in multiple stages, starting with a thinned layer which covers the blank whiteness of the canvas and blocks in the basic colors. Then follows several more stages where I keep refining shapes and colors, letting the paint dry in between. I post some “work in progress” pics on my blog here, on my Fetcher Sketcher page on Facebook, and on Instagram.


Oil Prices:  8×10 – $170 …. 9×12 – $210 …. 11×14 – $270 …. 14×18 – $393 …. 16×20 – $452 …. 18×24 – $565 …. 24×30 – $807 …. 24×36 – $939 …. 36×48 – $1,812. Shipping additional, and WA sales tax is added for sales in Washington state. These prices are for one pose of a single subject. I’m happy to figure the price of multiple subjects and montage style backgrounds, or other canvas dimensions. Please inquire.


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