Pen-and-Ink is my favorite medium. I love the classic simplicity of pen, ink and paper. I also enjoy creating a full range of values from the white of the paper to true black, which can often make for a striking image. Developing all the in between “gray” values is one of the challenges of working in black ink, achieved by varying the density of lines (hatching) and dots (stippling). Another challenge of pen-and-ink is there’s no erasing of mistakes, once the ink is down there’s no making changes as can be done in oil.

In October of 2017, 2018 and 2019 I participated in the online #Inktober challenge, joining thousands of artists around the world who participate by drawing daily in ink. I posted some of my Inktober sketches on my blog and on my Facebook art page. For subject matter I enjoyed sketching quite a few dogs, and some other critters, from life. Sadly in mid-October 2018 the time came to say good bye to my old girl Tonka, just days before her 16th birthday. She is very much missed. The Inktober sketches I made of her are now extra special to me.

Pen-and-Ink Prices: 8×10 – $80 …. 9×12 – $94 …. 11×14 – $116 …. 14×17 – $158 …. 16×20 – $192 …. 18×24 – $256 …. 22×30 – $384. Shipping additional, and sales tax for sales in WA. Prices are for a single pose of one subject. I’m happy to figure the price for multiple subjects, montage styles, and other dimensions, just let me know what you have in mind.

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