Local Black Lives Matter Protest

I participated in a local  #BlackLivesMatter protest recently. It was in the nearby small town of Puyallup. I’ll try again later to upload a short video I took there. (If it still won’t work it can be seen on my FB page.)

The group was peaceful, and I was encouraged by the diversity of races and ages there — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, interacial — showing #BlackLivesMatter support from other people of color and from some whites. While overall it was a young crowd, a few other protesters were even older than me. That encourages me in that some older people, with surely more long-held and deeper ingrained racist tendencies, are examining their beliefs. Whether it’s whites realizing their white privilege, or “model minority” Asians stepping up to acknowledge racism is so much more heavily impactful on blacks but anti-racism is our fight too. But it’s the relative youthfulness of the movement which makes me hopeful that change toward better inclusiveness and less inequality will happen.

P.S. To those who may tsk-tsk my going to the rally in these pandemic times, which is several FB “friends” judging from news feed comments: I wore a mask, and joined a smaller group across the street from the main crowd to better social distance.

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