Short hiatus for job change…

Haven’t made any posts lately due to work. I recently started training at a new job while finishing out my 2 week’s notice. Between that and caring for my “high maintenance” old girls Tonka and Dilly life was a bit busy there for awhile, but I hope to be settled in to my new schedule soon and get back to portrait orders.


Am off work today so warming up with this sketch for an online “art challenge” group I’m in. The challenge is to create art starting from a word or idea prompt, and it’s always interesting to see the variety of takes on the same prompt. For a prompt theme of “Different” I did this horse sketch showing my perspective while riding. Also it was done using a different medium I hadn’t tried before. Thanks again to my former co-worker Stephanie for the parting gift set of Brush Pens! The horse is Dash, my sister Brenda’s OTTB, reference pic from a trail ride we did a few years ago. Dash is the handsome bay in some pics on my “About the Artist” page.

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