1st of Inktober 2019

Today I started the #inktober challenge for the third year. It has grown to a world wide artistic endeavor, with thousands of artists participating. The challenge is basically to do a drawing in ink each day of October. As before I aim to do all of my sketches from life without a pencil underdrawing. This year I will also try to follow the list of prompts, which is provided for those who want help with ideas of things to draw.

Prompt 1 is “ring”. Since I want to draw animals, my first #inktober2019 sketch is a ring-neck pheasant hen:


Unfortunately it’s the roosters that have the ring neck, and I only have hens in the barn. Oh well, that was what I came up with for today, Lol! Looking ahead some days are going to be a real challenge to come up with an animal related idea for the prompt. In previous challenges I’ve mostly used the dip pens I’m used to. But many times it was difficult to be holding my sketchbook, bottle of ink to dip the pen nibs in, all while often following a moving critter around. So this year I’m trying the new brush pens shown in the photo.

As far as portraits, I recently finished “Solo”, a montage style oil on canvas:

“Solo”, oil on canvas, multi titled English Springer Spaniel

And will be starting two mixed media portraits (watercolor, ink, colored pencil) pretty soon.

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