Following the Stay-at-Home Orders… Gladly

Thankfully things have settled down since my last blog entry. I got over whatever cold bug I had, and my Mom is doing well (or as well as someone who’s 84 with advanced COPD can be doing) so didn’t catch anything from me. One issue is having to reset the “14 day incubation clock” each time I go out to pick up groceries or prescriptions etc. so am potentially exposed to coronavirus. The curbside pick up, delivery and other options are such a help. Every single delivery person, nurse, grocery stocker etc. is more worthwhile and more useful to us than a hundred f***ing politicians.

As an introvert who enjoys being alone, the self-isolation, stay-at-home, and shelter-in-place mandates are no hardship. Thinking about how I enjoy isolation (to a degree, couldn’t do it without the companionship of my dogs) while all those extroverts chafe at the same restrictions, I came up with this cartoon:


This illustrates my dream of me and my dogs in a Tiny House, set on an isolated patch of land with no one else in sight. (An occasional outing for a dog club event will be all the socializing I’ll need). I remember watching Gilligan’s Island when I was younger, and not getting how the castaways were so desperate to hatch their various schemes to be rescued in some episodes. Rather I thought if it were me on such a deserted island paradise, if I saw a boat coming I’d probably hide from any would be rescuers. Like the woman who I read once was the basis of the Island of the Blue Dolphins story.

Okay maybe a bit of exaggeration, but not much!

In upcoming blog posts I hope to be back at my drawing board and easel with artwork to show…

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