Day 6 of isolation in a strange new pandemic world


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It is hard to grasp the changes in the world. To think how just a short time ago I was joking with co-workers about toilet paper hoarders, and commenting on some shoppers in the grocery stores wearing masks. Now I’m in self-isolation with what I think and hope is a cold which triggered my asthma — who knows without being able to be tested?? — and worried I may have infected my mother who is elderly with health problems. By the way, much appreciation to my brother for being supportive during this time. Which I needed to counter the extra stress I was feeling due to strident self-righteousness from my erstwhile other sibling laying on accusatory guilt that — in case I didn’t already realize it — should our mom become ill it’d be my fault.

Since I just can’t focus on art with my current anxiety level, I have been doing lots of reading and watching some DVDs. Before starting isolation I luckily had checked out several books and DVDs from the library. Of the batch one DVD I highly recommend and think is apropos to these times, is “One Strange Rock” from National Geographic, ”….a cinematic event series hosted by Will Smith, and featuring the only people who have left Earth behind — astronauts.” Their thoughts on how seeing the planet from space — this fragile blue sphere with the thinnest of blue lines at the horizon that is our atmosphere — how that impacted their viewpoint of our home is pretty relevant now. Hope anyone interested in watching it can do the streaming Netflix or Hulu thing or whatever;-)

Now to try and get some sleep before facing what tomorrow brings…

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