Earth Day 2020 musings

On this this cool and drizzly day, a few choices I made in observance of #EarthDay2020 were to…. put on a sweatshirt rather than turn up the thermostat, rode my bicycle on an errand rather than driving, and kept my shower shorter and not so hot as usual.

Some new projects and ideas I want to implement this year are: create a protect-pollinator-species flower patch, plant a native species tree, start composting, set up a rain barrel for the garden, and increase how much of the yard the goats can graze to reduce mowing (admitting that the latter is part laziness, already too much yard to mow!). I intend to follow the tenets of refuse / reduce / reuse / recycle better than I have, and make more Locavore choices. My dream is a grid-tied or off-the-grid Tiny House (like in my introvert cartoon).

I saw a number of moving Earth Day 2020 videos on YouTube today, which inspire me to commit to accomplishing at least most of the above.


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