Back to drawing, saving some pics, masks and misc.

Today I am finally resuming art work on a couple portraits that were in progress, Clifford and Mojo. Will soon add them to the Mixed Media page. I mentioned them several blog posts ago, earlier in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Posts prior to that seem like they’re from a different life, before all the upheaval of this health crisis. I am on standby from work, trying to navigate the WA state unemployment process without any luck yet. Am aggravated on one hand, and grateful on the other to have enough savings to cover expenses for awhile (though of course they were earmarked for other purposes, one being my Tiny House fund). Trying as much as possible to shelter in place and avoid exposure by using online grocery shopping and curbside pick up or delivery.

Today’s blog pics are to (hopefully) save some memories off this phone before it is gone. Here goes…

Yay, it worked. They are pics of: Christmas 2017 which was Tonka’s last; me with Tonka and Dilly at Scatter Creek in June 2018; Tonka’s last visit to Scatter Creek in Sept. 2018; Dilly with Jeb in Jan. 2019; and a few from Mt. Rainier Sporting Spaniel club’s Feb. 2020 Agility Trials. (Note added later: I’m so glad I posted them while I could as now that phone seems to have croaked).

After doing artwork today, I plan to sew another mask or two. Thanks to friends I have a second hand sewing machine, a mask pattern and some fabric. My first effort wouldn’t win any Home Ec prizes but it is serviceable, so not too bad considered it’s been 20 or 30 years since I’ve done any sewing. Way back in the day I sewed quite a bit, especially dog show outfits. With a renewed enthusiasm for “refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle” after #EarthDay2020, I’d like to start sewing again to avoid buying at least some things. And to increase self sufficiency. Speaking of which most of the seeds and plants in the garden are sprouting and growing. In the sweet potato project, I’m trying two methods to grow slips. Putting a couple whole sweet potatoes in shallow water has resulted in roots sprouting and the beginnings of a few leaves. Some nights and days are still quite cool, hoping that slips being ready and the ground warming up will more or less coincide.


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