Last #Inktober drawings, a new WIP, and ESD relief

It’s a bit after the Halloween deadline, but I did draw my last four #Inktober2020 sketches. I finished up still following the theme of extinct animals and other species on their way to extinction. It was interesting and sad to learn about these animals as I searched for photographs to sketch (some online images and some from a book “Lost Animals” by Errol Fuller). There’s so many fascinating species that no longer exist or will probably be lost in the next few decades, some maybe within my lifetime. Only touched the surface of this theme for the challenge, so may continue it next year. For drawings 28 to 31 here are: Yangtze River Dolphin, Cheetah, Quagga, and Pangolin.

With these last four sketches I finished this year’s Inktober challenge a bit late. But not too bad I think considering 2020 pandemic fatigue, too much doom scrolling adversely affecting sleep, and on work days being too tired to draw.

Doing these art challenges is motivating, in this case has kick started work on a pen-and-ink portrait (with a mixed media lined up and an oil that’s waiting on a special size canvas). Today the relief I felt when the election was finally called for Biden – Harris, makes me realize how much Election Stress Disorder I had! So many hours of sleep lost to doom scrolling my news feeds and Instagram. Being rid of that stress this morning it’s now enjoyable and interesting to listen to the political news as I work on this portrait.

New pen-and-ink portrait underway
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