First Alla Prima Oil Sketches

Something I’ve wanted to try is alla prima oils, painted from life, and here’s my first 2 attempts. Alla Prima translates as “all at once” or “all at one go”. So these are painted from start to finish in one session, and like my pencil and ink sketches drawn from life, were done by looking at the actual dog (not from photos). They took me a good bit longer than pencil or pen sketches (about 1 hr. 45 min.) so the dogs got to take breaks from their posing on the grooming table.

These are just the first of my practice oil sketches, in hopes of improving to where I can do on-the-spot paintings in an art booth at events like the Dog-a-Thon and Pet-Palooza. And I want to try some horses painted alla prima also.

The dogs are “Camille”, a Chihuahua mix with a distictive undershot jaw (so she always has a bulldog-ish look), and “LeeLoo”, who is part Shar Pei hence the purplish tongue.

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