Works in progress…

I’ve made progress on these 3 oil portraits. “Heidi” is one of the English Springers, and hers just needs a little more tweaking to finish. Actually one of the challenges of working with oil and other mediums where we can keep making changes, is finally saying “stop!” before it gets overworked. Heidi is an AFC and I think also has a win and points toward her FC title. The painting of her kennel mate “Sadie” should be done in a couple more sessions.

The horse is “Hope”, a mare that placed in the Top 10 at a big Ft. Worth TX Extreme Mustang Makeover. A few blogs back I showed step-by-step pics of the beginning of this oil painting. This pic shows another layer added on the background, ball, and some of the horse. I’m debating whether to change the yellow on the ball to another color, maybe green….

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